She stared into his big brown beautiful eyes that turned light gold around the pupils. For a brief moment she felt her heart splinter like ice in hot water, but she shoved the feeling away. She watched the wine red blood seep between the grout engraved tiles of the bathroom floor. The young man’s throat was slit open revealing his harp like vocal cords. She had plucked and played him to the extent of her power and the blood faded from vibrant reds to sad maroons.

She walked out into the damask hallway of the mediocre, at best, motel. Lamps attempted to lite the hallway but light could barely break through the piles of bugs huddled around each bulb. Her bare feet thudded against the now hard red carpet, caked with what seems like centuries of filth. But she walked with such grace that she brought regality back to the ancient carpet. Everything she touched seemed to double in value, each room she lived in is richer for it but unfortunately for the motel she would not be extending her stay.

The carpet of her hotel was cheap but well-kept and just like every other aspect of the building it was grey. Grey carpet to match the light grey walls to match the dark grey towels to match the silver pillows. Boring colors never get stained which rather suited her lifestyle. 

The End

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