Close callMature

The water teased the brim of the tub, lapping at the sides. The soap had made the water murky and the dirt of the day swirled around in tiny tycoons. The surface was still like a near frozen lake.

 Under the murky water she watched as her hair swirled around her face. The plateau like water was broken as she sat up straight, and gasped for oxygen. The room was humid from the hot bath and smelt of lavender soap. She abruptly stepped out of the bath, disregarding the water that came with her; she grabbed a towel and left the room. Her sopping wet hair mated against her back, and her feet padded from bathroom tile to hotel carpet. She leaned into a window frame near the cheap bed and watched the little people below. A solemn reporter spoke from the three star TV behind her

“worrisome developments have taken place in the murder of college student Anthony Harrison that leads authorities to believe his death is connected to a string of murders”

She watched as a small police car rolled up making a tired prostitute and several crack heads very nervous.

“The chief of police had this to say ‘I cannot make any official reports at this time, however I would like to issue a warning to men in their mid-twenties to avoid walking home at night,”

The screen returned to the female news reporter who continued

“and in other news solemn conclusions have been made in the case of young English teacher Matthew Strong who was found dead after committing suicide.” There was a short B-roll of crying friends and coworkers claiming he was “so happy” and “couldn’t have killed himself”  “But in conclusion the police had decided his death to be a stress induced suicide.”

She turned on her toes to face the small screen where a picture of Matthew was displayed and she stared into his paralyzing eyes…

            She slipped into a hoodie and some leggings and headed down the stairs. She counted the room numbers as they passed, “120, 119, 118.”

            The police car was still outside, she waltzed up to it and leaned over “what’s the matter officer” she said innocently.

Flustered the cop said “erm we’re lookin’ for a suspect, suspected to be killing young men”

“Oh my” she said almost sarcastically.

“Nothin’ for you to worry about lil’ miss” he flirted.

“Well I hope you catch this terrible man” she acted.

“Will do. You be careful now you hear?”

She sweetly nodded and waltzed away. 

The End

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