Please read farther, it improves as it progresses.

A story of turmoil between two murderers and the complex mental state they struggle with.

Jan. 2nd at a bar called the kno, probably the most ridiculous bar in town. Its dressing is all neon with brightly lit signs and begging to be noticed “vintage” stools.

She wears heavy makeup, if only to cut through the drunken fog of the party goers. She wears deep purple lipstick and angular eyeliner on her upper lids.

She scouts from a nook at the edge of the bar her long legs swung over the stool next to her. She sips a strawberry daiquiri through a neon orange straw. Her sharp eyes cut through the cigarette smoke and scan every twenty-something man that stroll by.

At a booth on the other side of the bar a girl with straight blond bangs and a boy with effortlessly quaffed brown hair kissed beneath the neon glow of the “all you can eat” sign that flashed at no particular rhythm. As they part the girl gets up whispers something she assumes is cunning in the boy’s ear and darts drunkenly towards the bathroom.

The woman slid her legs from the stool next to her and strutted towards him, she resembles confident cat hunting through tall grass. She slinks down into the chair beside him and rakes her fingers through his thick hair. The flashing blue and red sign above her reflects on her pale skin.

Most beautiful things are often poisonous. The poison dart frog can come in many colors, yellow and black, orange and blue, blue and red. This frog which is quite beautiful is also quite small, appearing so fragile and innocent, needing to be protected. However its poison has the strength to kill ten men in one drop, and it doesn’t mind killing.

She puts her large purple lips up to his ear and under the roar of disgusting pop music she says “ready to go”. Ridiculous as it is that’s all he needed, he wanted sex and she was faster than the blonde with bangs.

He caressed her legs with his overly eager hands in the back of the taxi as she says rather sweetly

“so eager.. I hardly know you”

 “Mmm?” the drunken boy mumbled.

“Well… I don’t know much about you… tell me something”

“like what?”

She pretended to think for a moment. “What makes you sad?”

He blinked at her dully.

“I like to hear, what pushes people to their limit…” she elaborated.

“Kinky” he said after a moment of staring blankly into her eyes.

His head buzzed around a bit more before she continued “a girlfriend perhaps?”

“No… no babe, I don’t have a lady” he lied poorly.

“oh well I am sure you don’t but for the sake of argument.” she paused “tell me about her”

He stared at her uncomprehending.

After a moment’s pause she seductively whispered “Why am I better?”

The End

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