July 21st

Have a cold, which is typical because Tally has weirdly become the most popular girl at school. However, things got a bit out of hand on her Facebook page, where rumours starting popping up that she was dating R-Patz, and had blackmailed him into coming to the party.

Now she has an online haters group on Facebook who all think she is planning to murder Rob Pattinson in his sleep. Oh, the joys of the internet.

School was un interesting apart from that. What is the point of having a three day weekend right before the summer holidays? It just made us all hopefull and happy, and then we have to drag ourselves into school again. What a waste of our precious summer.

Izzie and I have taken to avoiding Tally, as she is being stalked by numerous Year 7's with autograph books. They're deadly, I'm telling you. Their desperate attempts at recieving at invitation to Tally's party drove them to climbing through the Year 8 and 9 girls toilet window to jump on her as she was carefully applying her Maybelline New York mascara.

Felt to bunged up and head-achey to follow Jason Pink after school, so caught bus home and lay on sofa watching Phineas and Ferb on Disney channel. It's amazing mum hasn't banned it yet, as anything with an American accent annoys her instantly.

Got all cold and shivery later in my room, so went on Facebook to warm up. (Don't ask). Wasn't working, and when I came down to tea with my giant Jack Wills hoodie on and clutching my "Beary Best Friend" bear, Dad went all funny on me because I wasn't hungry.

Ate two rubbery leeks, then went to bed to wrap myself up in blankets and to watch Ray Mears Wild Food. Dad went on the NHS Direct symptoms checker, and it told him I had swine flu.

I told him that I was cold, and also had a cold, but he said having "chills" and cold like syptoms was the first signs of swine flu.

Resigned self to like lying in bed drinking hot chocolate. Fell asleep when Dragons Den started, and woke up again half way through Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Felt as if I was in an oven, so climbed out of bed, went to the loo and stumbled downstairs. Was ordered back to bed, seeing as I was obviously going to die very soon.

Have just realised that I must be better by tomorrow evening, or I will never go to Tally's end of term rave and I will never meet Rob Pattinson. Help. 

The End

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