Did I just hear you say "Rob Pattinson?"

20th July continued

'I didn't know that vegetarians were allowed to eat beef flavoured Walkers,' Izzie noted, unpacking the fiftieth Waitrose bag on Tally's kitchen table.

I shrugged. 'Isn't a rulebook or anything, is there?'

Tally looked up excitedley. 'Actually-'

I silenced her with the evil eye, and she stuck her tongue out at me. 'I've invited tonnes of people round for the rave on Wednesday,' Tally said after a moments silence, only punctuated by me munching contenedly on my non-vegetarian crisps.

'Like who?' Asked Izzie, slumping in the chair next to me.

'Oh, most of the french side of the year. A few from the other half as well..' Tally popped a Rowntrees Random in her mouth and sucked for a moment, thinking. 'Some friends from the fencing club, a few of Rowan's mates in Year 10, and they probably invited all of their year..'

I raised my eyebrows at Tally. 'The house is going to get trashed,' I informed her. 'Pass us a Random.'

Tally chucked an ice cream Random at me, and continued. 'We're going to go in the garden, durr. Mum's doing the pool right now.'

Izzie sat up, interested. 'You're pool is done? Seriously?'

'Yup.' Tally chewed for a while longer, then her face lit up, as she obviously remebered something she'd been meaning to say.

'My uncle, you know the one who works for the BBC, he's been chatting to me and said he might be able to get some celebs to come!' Tally babbled.

Izzie sighed. 'Like who? The ugly one off News 24?'

'Or the bald guy from Masterchef?' I added.

'Don't be silly. Real celebs. He's got one definate yes at the moment. Guess who it is!' Tally was bouncing up and down with excitement now. 'I hadn't realised he was that famous till I told Rowan, and he said I'd have a riot on my hands. Tell me what you think...'

'Spit it out,' drawled Izzie lazily.

'Okay.. it's Rob Pattinson!!! He's coming to our end of term rave!! My uncle got in touch with his agent and he's gonna perform some of his new music and hang out for a bit. The press'll be there and everything!!'


The End

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