Is it sad to play Sims 3 for 6 hours?

20th July

Bored. That pretty much sums up me at this moment in time. How sad. Went to Waitrose this morning with Izzie to stock up on food for the end of term rave that is being held at my other best friends house.

This other best friend of mine was also in Waitrose, and we bumped into her in the Doritoes isle. We'd just emerged, giggling, from the medicine section where some grannies were comparing their latest brands of paracetamol, and were taken totally by suprise by seeing her there.

'Hey guys!' She enthused, looking up from her laden trolly. 'You getting some grub too?'

We told her that yes, we were, primarily because she had told us she was too busy to do it herself.

'Oh, sorry about that,' she chattered happily, re-adjusting her purple beanie hat that sat snugly over her blonde plaits. 'I thought I'd better come and get some too, yeah?'

I nodded absent mindedly, but Izzie was studying our friends feet carefully. 'Why are you wearing odd shoes, Tally?' Izzie asked.

'Oh, do you like them?' Tally said happily. 'It wasn't deliberate, but I thought it would be cool.'

Mm, one red trainer and one white high-top converse. Interesting look, I thought to myself. I had once tried re-creating Tally's insane fashion sense on Sims 3, but had failed. It says on the box that you can customize everything, but clearly they have never met Tally, who customizes abolutley anything, including her miniture poodle, Bugsy.

If you're wondering, dear diary, her real name is Tallula. Tallula Love, in fact. She has a couple of hippies for parents, and is totally insane in almost every way. She's well known at school for being officially the first person ever to win the Arts Award for a sculpture made of an empty bottle of Cillit Bang and a Peparami.

The End

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