Call me

Chapter 2 

 *Eight years later*

The phone rang in the cottage. Gran will pick it up, thought Aidan. It rang again. Ughh. They're down at the dock. She put her book down and got up. " Aidan, pick up the phone!" Yelled her Granfather.  "I'm going, i'm going!" replied Aidan. Then she thought, maybe it's Beth! I called her yesterday asking her if she was coming to camp again. She had to go eat dinner and told me she'd call tommorow. Yay!

The phone rang again, jolting Aidan out of her train of thought. She picked up the phone.

"Hello?" She said exitedly. "Hi Aidan, Iit's Beth!" replied the wonderfully familliar voice on the other end. "I called 'cause you asked me if I was going to camp next week. Yeah, and I'm soooo exited to see you!" Aidan laughed. "It's only been three days!" Beth now giggled. "Yeah but still!"

"Well, two more days and we'll be hanging out in the cabin and going down the zipline together!"replied Aidan. "Yup!" said Beth. Aidan sighed. "This time it's my turn to call you tommorow. I gotta eat!" "Ok." laughed Beth. They hung up.

Beth smiled to herself. Boy, was having Aidan for a best friend ever fun!


"Ugh!" Aidan collapsed on her bunk. "Waaayyy too much tuck!!!" Beth laughed. "Next time you can give me your chocolate!!" Aidan glared at her. "OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!" She yelled chucking a pillow at her.

The End

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