Strictly Girly.

Beth is a major tomboy who lives on the outskirts of a forest by a lake.
Her best friend Aidan is a city girl who lives two hours away in, well, the city. Aidan has a cottage on a lake nearby Beth.
This is their story and a prime example of how opposites attract.


"Aidan, we have to go or you´ll be late for your first day of day camp!" Shouted Gran. She looked at her daughter, Marissa, Aidan´s mother. "Aidan... You´d better come quick or gran won´t take you...." Said Marissa jokingly.

"I´m cummin´ gwan, I´m cummin´." Replied the five year old, rushing up from the dock.

Her Grandmother smiled fondly on her grandaughter. Aidan had been talking about Camp Medeba for months.

"GWAN!!" Shouted the toddler impatienly. Gran chuckled.

"Alright, let´s go have fun!" She replied, laughing.


"Mommy, can we go yet?" Asked an impatient Beth.

"Okay," chuckled her mother, " I know you´ve been waiting for months."

"YAY! My fust year at camp Madaba!" Yelled the five year old.

" That´s camp Medeba "  Corrected her mother.

"Let´s gooo....." Whined Beth.

"Alright, let´s go have fun!" Replied her mother laughing.


"Hi! My name´s Aidan." Aidan piped up.

"I´m Beth." Replied a shy Beth.

"Let´s be...." Said Aidan.

"Friends." Finished Beth.


The End

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