A Rocky Start

or looking up from the ground.

Nightblossom still didn't have strength in her legs to stand but she was able to breathe again. When he reached her he continued without saying anything or looking at her. Just trudging off away from the path and into the wild parts of the Pith. Finally Nightblossom was able to move.

"Hey!" She grabbed a rock and threw it at him, her aim a perfect shot at his head. He caught it with his injured hand without even looking up. Dropping the stone though he finally did look back over his shoulder at her. A kind of insanity was in his gaze, but yet also a hollow emptiness. It made a shudder run through her but she kept going. "What kind of bodyguard hurts his charge?" She said boldly, wiping away the tear tracks on her face. "And what kind of man goes back on his promise! Besides you're going the wrong way idiot! Moron! Dumbass!" She yelled names with all her strength. She was just yelling things to be yelling them now, forcing her fear into anger because she couldn't deal with fear like that. Anger was much easier to cope with. So she continued to call him everything she could think of even if they didn't make any sense. When she finally was out of swearwords and breath she just sat there breathing heavily and wondering if she was going to live long enough to regret completely losing her mind.

She glared up at him, daring him to do his worst with her eyes. He just stared at her, then back at the way he had been walking, then to her again. Finally he reached his free hand up to his face so his palm covered one of his eyes and in --

The End

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