A Rocky Start

would be better than having to stare into those eyes any longer. But he just stood there looking down at her without any reaction at all. When she thought she might wet herself he turned his head away with a snarl on his lips, letting go of her shoulder finally. No longer held in place her quivering legs couldn't take it and collapsed under her. She sat there on the dirt path not even trying to get up and go away, just taking in loud shallow breaths as she sobbed hysterically. She couldn't even think of running away, and she was fairly sure that even if she could get her legs under her and was able to stand she wouldn't be able to get anywhere before he caught her.

He did nothing though. He paced a little, face still twisted in that savage snarl. Blood thirst seemed to radiate off him in practically palpable amounts. Finally with a shout e lashed out and punched a large rock and just froze there. The loud sound of the impact echoed around the cliff faces which they had been walking by. The booming noise finally silenced Nightblossoms noisy attempts to breath. It felt like the whole world was holding her breath with her. Waiting to see what violence would be unleashed next.

After spending a moment just standing there, fist still connected to the rock, his body just relaxed. He pulled his hand away, completely ignoring the blood on his knuckles which seemed to be been the rock's revenge for its assault, and just picked up the staff which he had apparently dropped before he even grabbed her shoulder. Continuing to ignore his injuries he slung the black staff over his shoulders and then walked toward Nightblossom without once picking his head up --

The End

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