A Rocky Start

said loudly. Was this is, was he really after her and now was making his move? She needed to get away! "Let go of me!" She continued wailing, trying to draw attention though she doubted anyone was out there. Her voice died out though when she looked up into his face. The coldness in her eyes, brutal ice, made her plans to kick him in the crotch and several other cheap below the belt tactics wither and die. She felt real fear course through her like she never had before. She was going to die. He was going to kill her. He didn't care about the prophesy one bit, he just wanted to kill her and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

"You, that song you were humming. Where did you hear it?" His voice was steady and even, but she could almost feel the threat and tension contained in it and the grip on her shoulder tightened further causing her to whimper involuntarily. Still she didn't voice any protests or ask him to stop, just answered his question as best she could.

"I-I'm not sure. I mean, I traveled a lot and, and I tend to learn songs quickly." She stuttered unable to look away from his intense gaze and terrified at what would happen if he didn't like her answer. "My, my mother was a performer be-before she had me, she, me, I mean she t-taught me a lot t-too." His gaze was still freezing cold and hard as stone. Nightblossom felt tears, from pain or fear she didn't know, running down her face. "I don't know where I learned that one, I can't be sure, please..."

She didn't know what she was pleading him to do, let her go or kill her quickly. Either --

The End

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