A Rocky Start

her disgust showed in her voice and face. In fact she wanted it too.

"Tch!" Nightblossom resisted the urge to grab his stupid stick and hit him with it when he loudly clicked his tongue. Was she just a walking market stall to him?

"What was that? You want me to leave you alone and go off by myself?" Nightblossom said with a look that could only be called threatening despite the wide smile she wore. The boy finally seemed show some sense of humility at that.

"Of course not Boss Lady! Would never dream of that Boss Lady!"

"Good. Let's keep going then. I don't want to spend any more time out here than I have to." Nightblossom grumbled getting up and not even bothering to see if he followed since she knew he would.

Just as before he offered no commentary or chatter, just walked silently, both his mouth and stomach this time, behind her. It was a bit unnerving, but also a relief since she didn't have anything to say to him. Still it made for a boring walk and without even realizing it Nightblossom started humming to herself.

She'd only gotten a few bars in before suddenly here was a hand on her shoulder. She nearly screamed, and she certainly did just about jump out of her skin. She hadn't heard anyone approach her! She may not be some fancy martial artist with super senses but get chased by enough people and you began to develop an automatic caution for these kinds of things! But she hadn't heard or felt them approach at all! Looking over her shoulder she saw the guy standing there, grip tightening painfully on her shoulder till she had to cry out.

"Aaaaagh! It hurts! Stop it! What are you doing?" She --

The End

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