A Rocky Start

supplies and head out again. No need to save these. Besides, she really didn't want to listen to his stomach from now till sunset when they'd roughly be arriving in town from her estimate.

"Sure, sure, come on let's sit down and eat." She said waving him over and sitting on a flattish rock. Thankfully the part they were walking was pretty shady right now so the rock wasn't burning hot to touch. She pulled out some dried meat and fruits as well as a rather large water bottle. The food she tossed to the guy and while he tore into them she sipped her water.

Doing so she realized something peculiar. She'd tried a little to question him, but he'd never asked her a thing. Immediately she was suspicious and on guard and glanced at him from the corners of her eyes. "So, you aren't curious?" She asked lightly.

"Ahrout hrat?" The boy said without even looking away from the dried meat he was ripping apart with his teeth. The lack of table manners, or rather pure barbarism, was very... off putting. Taking a slice of dried fruit Nightblossom nibbled it neatly. Displays of at least moderate etiquette though seemed to have no effect on his method.

"About me, why I hired you, my name. Stuff like that." She continued once her mouth was empty.

"Nah." The boy said finishing off what she'd given him. "Though I am wondering about one thing."

"What's that?" Nightblossom prompted trying not to sound too eager.

"Is there any more?" The kid asked looking at her.

"More?" Nightblossom said confused. Travel companions? Did he want to make sure she was alone before carrying her off or whatever?

"Food." ... ... ... What?

"No. No there isn't." Nightblossom said finally not even caring if  --

The End

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