A Rocky Start

an eye on the trail. See the Pith was rocky, canyon ridden desert which was easy enough to travel if you were careful about it. Inside the canyons were often small streams and places to get shade from the sun or rest at night. The different towns which dotted around the Pith were connected by paths, paths not roads. Just dirt tracks through the terrain avoiding the worst crevices and marked by old campfires and and some trail markers. Long as you kept your eye on that it was easy to travel through the area though uncomfortable with frequent hot winds blowing sand around.

This made her more curious though about why in the world this fellow spent three whole weeks out here. But since he wasn't talking about that... "So where exactly were you heading out from, going too?" She asked instead.

"Same as you, going to Valdean from Pinhorn." The guy said sounding a little embarrassed. Traveling the same way as her huh? That was suspicious. But, he really did look, and act, like he'd spent the last few weeks out in the wilderness. So he would have completely missed all the fuss she kicked up in Pinhorn yesterday evening. Ugh, whatever. She'd just have to play this by ear and hope her gamble worked.

They continued in silence for a while after that. When the grumbling of his stomach got so loud that even from several feet ahead Nightblossom could still hear it clearly she stopped. "Do you want to eat?" She said looking back at him. He was still standing there completely at ease looking, but the loud grumbling destroyed the illusion.

"Can I?" He said eyes zeroing in on her bag. Nightblossom sighed. Well she was heading back to town anyway, she'd just buy more --

The End

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