A Rocky Start

had been several years since they'd been drawn, and in the process of being drawn over and over again they got some details off. Still they had her general looks, name, and reward posted on them. As well as some nonsense about being missing, ran away from her marriage, other moronic excuses that just meant they wanted her alive and untouched. After all the posters were made by people in power wanting to possess her themselves so they didn't give the real reason she was being looked for. Of course most people knew it anyway, but sometimes she did just get general idiots who were concerned for her welfare and trying to return her to people who 'cared' for her so they could live the rest of their lives in luxury thanks to the disgustingly high reward offered. So whether it was money or power a lot of not ordinary people were looking for her using a fairly good but not perfect thankfully drawing of her face.

So yeah having some kid from the boonies not know wouldn't be weird, but that strength he displayed earlier, that made her suspicious. People after her tended to be strong fighters after all looking to prove they were the most powerful. Though so many turned out to be just deluding themselves like the guy they left unconscious behind them. They saw her as a quick way to gain ultimate power without the work to actually get general power to start with, lazy scumbags.

So she wanted to know where this guy stood, did he know and was just a great actor or was he really clueless? It was aggravating and potentially dangerous for her. Trying to think of another track she could use to find out more about her new bodyguard she kept -(())-

The End

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