A Rocky Start

"So, how did you end up wandering around this place for three weeks?" Nightblossom asked after a while of walking. She took the lead which it seems her companion had no problems with. Glancing back as she talked she noticed his expression go sour.

"Boss Lady, can we agree to not talk about some things?" He said with a forced smile. Nightblossom raised her eyebrows but shrugged and turned her attention forward again. It was pretty fair to draw some boundaries, after all she didn't want to talk about why she was being targeted by people and needed a bodyguard in the first place. But still it was frustrating, she wanted to figure out this kid's angle. How much did he know?

Now it wasn't like every single housewife and salary man in the world knew her face. In general it was only people who cared about stuff like this that bothered with it. Most people were content to go about their daily lives and not give a flying fish about the prophesy. It wasn't on the front of everyone's minds, this thing had been said 50 years ago after all. Sure there was a big gossip spell about it when she was born and again when it was concluded that the girl was her, so most people knew about the prophesy, just not everyone cared.

No the people who caused her all the trouble weren't ordinary townspeople. But that was part of the problem. It was the extraordinary people that cared. Rich, powerful, strong people. People that had power and wanted more of it. They may be a smaller portion of the population but the fuss they caused was all the bigger.

Another factor that helped is that the wanted posters that were everywhere were a little off. It -(())-

The End

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