Suddenly An Action Scene!

doesn't matter how much food you bring. I've been wandering the Pith for three weeks now trying to find a town and I just see more rocks and deserts and canyons." The boy said arms gripping the air in front of him as he poured out his despair.

"But, it only takes three days to cross the Pith if you follow the path." Nightblossom injected. The boy was quiet then looked at her looking completely devastated.

"There was a path?" The boy seemed nearly in tears.

"...You, ugh, you want me to bring you back to Pinhorn?" Nightblossom said finally mentioning the much closer town which she had left from yesterday."

"Please." The sudden and extreme attitude changes the boy had were almost difficult to keep up with. Now he was looking at her full of hope and gratitude. Nightblossom though smirked.

"But, you have to do something for me in return." She said slyly.  "After all you didn't save me till I promised you food. So if you want me to help you, you have to help me. You have to be my bodyguard while we're in town." It seemed like he didn't know who she was so long as she kept it on the down low maybe she could use him. After all that had been her best way of surviving and keeping herself free up until now. Use, lie, manipulate. She hadn't been kidding when she called herself a terrible person before.

"Eh, people are after you Boss Lady?" The boy said obviously already accepting the terms of working for her. He seemed excited again, like right before the fight. Was he a fight maniac?

"That guy was after me." Nightblossom said nodding toward him. A look of disgust and disappointment flashed across his face. "And others -(())-

The End

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