Suddenly An Action Scene!

full strength of the blow fell down on him he didn't budge in the slightest. The only thing different about him as the older man moved away confused was that the excited smile and bright cheery look in his eyes had been replaced with a contempt filled look of utter disappointment and disgust.

"Really?" Even though he was physically the shorter of the two his attitude was clearly of one looking down on the other. "With your physique and actions earlier I told myself you wouldn't really be strong but I was really hoping for better than that. Ugh, if you are weak just say so."

"Weak?! How, how dare you!" The man flustered but his body language betrayed his fear as he started to back away from the young man. The boy tilted his head back and forth, cracking his neck as he took a step closer. Not rushing at all he pulled his hand back and then released a punch right into the stomach of the man. The impact was intense, his entire body bent in half and then flew backward. He slammed into a large rock with a loud thump and feel to the ground, definitely completely unconscious. Nightblossom quickly lost interest in him and instead returned her attention to the young man. He grumbling to himself as he went over and picked up his staff from the rocks. He was strong all right. Now the question is what did he want with her?

"Uuuuuagh, I'm still hungrrrry." He grumbled and then looked over at her pitifully. Or rather her bag. I guess he just really wanted food then?

"Oh no, if I'm going to arrive at Valesdean I need to have food and water enough to cross the Pith!" Nightblossom said holding her bag tight.

"It -(())-

The End

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