Suddenly An Action Scene!

young guy with the staff... Did he challenge the man because he figured it out? He didn't say anything implying he'd figured it out, by why else suddenly want to fight with the other guy? But, he could have just left that guy to hang till he died and grabbed her and left in that case. It was impossible to determine what he knew, and Nightblossom didn't like being out of the know. She decided to stay, just to see what was going on with staff kid.

"Erm, well, of course then. After all it should be fair fight to best determine which of us is more powerful." The older man stuttered obviously thrown by the boy's insistence to fight. Yeah he definitely though the kid knew and that was why he challenge him. The way he put emphasis on 'more powerful'.

"Exactly! You really know how I feel old man!" The boy said and man blinked taken back. Nightblossom had to chortle at that. Yeah the guy was definitely a lot older than the kid, he seemed about Nightblossom's own age, but he wasn't old enough that anyone had probably ever called him 'old man' before. This turned his posturing into real anger though and finally he seemed to actually be in the mood to fight.

"That's it kid you're asking for it now." The man rumbled starting to go into a fighting stance.

"Yeah I am!" The boy said still super happy and excited as he too crouched and spread his feet. This just made the other man angrier and he charged forward swinging his fist at the smaller boy. The boy seemed to be frozen in the spot though, he didn't move in the slightest as the fist descended down onto his face. However even though the -((CNP))-

The End

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