Suddenly An Action Scene!

"What?" The blubbering man sobbed as he looked up at the boy. Nightblossom tensed and backed up away from them and the cliff. Call it a lesson learned. The motion though seemed to have drawn the man's attention and looking at her, the back to the boy his eyes hardened in some kind of understanding. "I see. Boy you had best give up. You have no chance against a warrior of my level!" The man said finally managing to get to his feet. The words would have been more impressive if he still didn't have snot on his mustache.

"Really? Awesome!" The boy said excitedly. The other two looked at him oddly, he didn't seem to be being sarcastic. He was genuinely excited and happy about the man's declaration.

"Well, at least you wouldn't if I still had my sword!" The man suddenly said. Ah right. That. Yeah that had definitely gone over the cliff when the idiot over extended his lunge. Moron.

"Is that the only problem? I won't be using this so don't worry." The boy said still excited as he spun his staff in his hand casually and then tossed it. It arched over them all and then landed end down between two rocks which held it there upright. Either that was the luckiest toss in existence, or this fellow was a lot more skilled than his goat herder looks had implied. Nightblossom began to consider where it was better to leave now, or stay and watch.

The idiot knew who she was. If she ran she'd need to make sure he couldn't track her though looking at his skills so far she didn't think he could. So there wasn't a pressure to take straight off and use every trick she knew to erase her trail. The -((CNP))-

The End

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