And Then Things Got... Better?

him the why of the fight though.

"A fight?" His voice was excited again and looking over at him this time he had a different glint in those blue eyes of his. "You and him?" He nodded back at the sobbing sounds coming from the cliff.

"Psh no, him and the dead guy. I was an unfortunate bystander." Nightblossom said sneering. She felt shocked though when all of a sudden the boy turned around and just as he had for her pulled up the other man. Lacking a pack he instead hooked his staff on the shirt the man wore and propelled him up onto the ground.

"Oh thank you, thank you." The man sobbed shaking as he pushed himself off from the ground he'd been thrown. His sobbing gratitude was cut off though when suddenly the young man thumped the end of his staff down hard right in front of the man's nose.

"Fight me." He said staring down at the other man with a possessed smile.

The End

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