And Then Things Got... Better?

watering. This guy really had been hungry. As Nightblossom began to fish them out though the other moron started screaming again.

"What about me! Pull me up!" The fellow cried out and while it was a relief to no longer be right next to him distance had not made it any less annoying. Nightblossom ignored him and handed over the three fist sized dumplings to her paid for savior. "Help meeeee!"

"Youth goth anry fhood?" The young man asked already devouring one of the dumplings.

"SAVE ME!" Was the only reply.

"I'd take that as a no." Nightblossom said flatly pulling her bag back onto her shoulders. "And I'm not wasting any more of my supplies on an idiot like him."

"What?!" Oh he heard that. Oops, so sorry. No really she just felt soooo bad to be the cause of your emotional distress.

"You have more food?" The young man ignored the cries for help and focused on Nightblossom with a glint in his eyes. He seemed to have already completely finished the dumplings.

"Some, but it's mine." She said sternly and the boy looked disheartened. Well least he was an honest idiot rather than a ruthless thief.

"Alright, what were you even doing down there anyway." He said putting his staff lazily over his shoulders  as he  stood. Unlike Nightblossom it seemed he didn't have any kind of bag or supplies. Just the black staff. His clothes were ratty and dust covered, a pair of faded gray pants, a bright orange sash wrapped around his waist, and a tan shirt which he wore open showing off his equally dirty chest. He definitely had to have been on the road awhile.

"Ugh, it was a stupid fight." Nightblossom said waving a hand dismissively. She obviously wasn't going to tell -((CNP))-

The End

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