And Then Things Got... Better?

grunting and wheezing-" Yeah that was a fairly good description. "-but instead I find you two. I can't eat you two. What a waste of time." The boy sighed scratching his head.

"You have to help me!" The man screamed again. Ah, it had already turned to me. Wow. Well Nightblossom didn't expect much anyway from this trash.

"Whatever, I'm so hungry..." The boy said and started to leave, head disappearing from over the edge.

"Chicken and garlic dumplings!" Nightblossom suddenly shouted as loud as she could. The man beside her, who had started crying, stared at her confused. Ugh, there was snot running out his nose into his mustache too. Eeeeew. But he wasn't whose attention she needed right now. Sure enough half a face peeked over and Nightblossom couldn't contain her victorious smile. "In my bag I've got on, I bought them last town over. All yours if you get me up." She puffed, it was really hard talking loudly and hanging off the cliff after all.

There wasn't even a moment of consideration before a long staff reached down and skillfully hooked the bag on her back and began to lift her up. It was a little terrifying, since with the curve of the lift she got pulled away from the cliff side and for a moment just dangled over empty air. Terrifying visions of the staff shattering and her falling to her death plagued Nightblossom for a moment, as well as the satisfying knowledge that if she was going down she was taking her dumplings with her, but she was quickly pulled over to the ground without mishap.

"Thanks-" She started but was stopped my a suddenly outstretched hand by her savior.

"Dumplings." Was all he said, eyes riveted on her bag and mouth open and -((CNP))-

The End

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