And Then Things Got... Better?

poked everywhere, heavily tanned rough skin with a touch of freckling, and he was definitely chewing something like some kind of cow chewing cud. Using her anger to draw some strength Nightblossom started to call up to him but was quite quickly interrupted by the idiot.

"Good god help us!" The moron shrieked hurting Nightblossom's ears. If they was going to have to die from falling off this cliff she hoped she went first so she didn't have to listen to this dumbbell screaming the whole way down. How did a full grown man even reach that high a pitch? Ugh.

Now by this point you might think she was being too calm herself, making snide comments about wanting to die first as she clung for life to a cliff. Well then guess what? You try living the past 3 years bouncing from ridiculous situation to ridiculous situation and not develop a little snarky morbid humor. While the cliff was a first it was hardly the first time since she ran away from home that she ended up in a sack full of trouble. All of which could be blamed on her global fame, thank you stupid old geezer.

So anyway back to the cliff side, bumpkin boy continued to look at them and chew without even a wince at that high pitched squeal. Finally, after apparent consideration he finally opened his mouth. Nightblossom twitched reflexively expecting whatever he chewed on to fall onto her in a gross drool blob but nothing fell down. Well other than maybe some jaws as he responded. "Why should I?"

The two of them stared at him dumbfounded. He continued, accompanying his words with lazy hand movements. "I mean I came over here thinking something wild pig was digging at something with all the -((CNP))-

The End

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