And Then Things Got... Better?

"Great, just great." Nightblossom muttered to herself as she tried to pull herself up a little and quickly stopped as she felt her hands start to slip. Of course it wasn't like just hanging there without moving was going to keep that from happening for long.  She would have cursed her fate more but her body had decided it needed all the air it could get at the moment and there was none left over for even under the breath muttering. The idiot beside her wasn't all that vocal either, but he sure was noisy. Heavy breathing, grunts, and some wonderfully pathetic whines kept Nightblossom constant company as he too struggled to pull himself up from the cliffside. Sheesh, poor footwork, terrible upper body strength, what was this guy even thinking trying to kidnap her? Not that she was all that great of a fighter, in fact she despised fighting with her body and would rather use destructive vocabulary than a fist, but she was the damsel in distress here. She wasn't supposed to be buff. This guy who wanted to be the 'most powerful person in the world' should have started with the bar a little lower and do some push ups first before entering a fight to the death for her hand. Idiot.

"Haaaaaaallo." A new voice rang out down to the unlucky pair on the cliff. Looking up they were rewarded to a head poking over the side, staring down at them. Nightblossom felt like the seriousness of her situation (Forget the other guy, he was an idiot. She wasn't going to bother caring about him any more. ... Not that she really had at all to start with.) was being mocked by this country bumbkin's totaly relaxed expression as he looked at them. Messy brown hair -((Cont. Next Page))-

The End

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