An Inconvenient Prophesy

a compass, etc were about the only things she brought past a change of clothes. Things had gone fairly well though adjusting to a wandering life had been a difficult transition. But always, eventually, that cursed prophesy would catch up to her and her wig would slip or someone would notice her face matched the posters and it would be chaos all over again! It felt like an endless game of hide and seek where everyone in the world was the seeker!

Which is why she was now in her current predicament, clinging for life to the edge of a cliff next to an idiot who had over extended and knocked all three of them over the darn edge! The bloke he'd been fighting had not been able to grab a hold as quickly as the two of them and if Nightblossom were even physically or mentally able to look down at the ground below them he'd be nothing but a little puddle of meat and armor about now. Oh yeah. Such a great way to start the day.

The End

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