An Inconvenient Prophesy

been able to stay with her family as long as she did) seemed to no longer consider her a citizen but an object and tried to carry her away. Of course other countries trying to do the same thing interfered and it nearly turned into war. It was bad enough when the official governments tried their kidnappings. Since she was wanted alive she'd never really be in danger from those but they were just so tiring to deal with. What was worst was the individuals who would just come up thing they were the strongest around and try to carry her off. Ugh. Posters with her picture and information about her had apparently spread like wildfire through the 5 Nations and plenty of people rich and poor wanted to be the 'most powerful person in the world' for whatever reason. Some it was the assumption of political power over nations, others assumed it would be financial power and gold, the worst were those who took it for it's most literal. Martial artist, warriors, and fighters wanting to become the strongest in the world always were heading into town for her. Which is why she went straight out of town.

Yeah in the confusion of kidnapping attempt a hundred and five or whatever number she was on by now she snuck away and didn't turn back. She'd been preparing for this for awhile after all. While her parents were in la la land of denial she'd known fully well the kind of chaos that would result from that stupid prophesy and so it came to no surprise to her when everything went to hell. A rudimentary disguise mainly relying on the blonde wig she'd managed to get her hands on, food for about a week, and wilderness survival supplies like flint, -((Cont. Next Page))-

The End

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