An Inconvenient Prophesy

rest of the world saw it this wasn't just some 'Oh I just had the grandest vision of this girl from Yavir having a wedding with the most powerful person in the world! It was lovely, just lovely! And none of the guests even died of food poisoning can you just imagine!' Nope, this was a deathbed prophesy after all! It had to be important! Super duper doo diddly doo important!

Everyone else believed that whoever obtained Nightblossom became the most powerful person in the world.

It used to be not so bad. The three of them on the candidate list were put into protective custody and their existence was kind of hushed up as much as possible. Really though all the important powers that be had their little birds that could tell them just where the girls were Nightblossom was sure but everyone was kind of holding their breath to see which of the three was the one.

So why was everyone sure it was Nightblossom? Well the other two girls unfortunate to say were ugly. Really, really ugly. And unless the prophet just had a peculiar sense of aesthetics or was talking about inner beauty, an arguement Nightblossom tried many times to make and then stress how she was rude, proud, selfish and an otherwise horrible human being while the other two were fairly sweet really, that meant this 'jewel in the eyes of others' had to be her. She'd considered self mutilation, just maybe some acid on her face, but she was watched too carefully. Soon as the girls started to his their teenage years and were obviously growing into their looks the held breathe was released and everything went to chaos!

The Yavir Empire which usually prided itself on citizen freedoms (probably the only reason she'd -((Cont. Next Page))-

The End

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