An Inconvenient Prophesy

time the cycle his ask, in two years. 2nd year of Ash was the second time from the date he stated that the cycle moved all the way around to reach Ash again. So on and so forth till a neat 50 years had passed exactly. He really could have saved people a lot of flipping through their calenders if he just said 'in 50 years'. More reasons to hate him, cause you know there weren't already plenty.

So yeah, 50 years later on the 3rd month as a sensible Yavirin would tell you sure enough she was born. Of course so were a few other girls in that region. It wasn't a major population area to be sure but it was a whole region after all! Unfortunately the lovely little future see-er had left a description the jerk. Because of the darn prophesy officials of the Empire had actually sat around every pregnant mother expecting that month and the month after just in case someone came a little early. Of those around half were girls, an fourth of that had black hair (though seriously these poor officials had to literally wait around for some of the infants to grow hair. Talk about a waste of tax payer dollars), and of those 3 had eyes you might consider a gold color. Guess who was in that lucky list?

That's right, Arenhale Nightblossom the one and only. She cursed her parents pretty much everyday when she could take the time to do so for giving her the silly sounding name of Nightblossom. They only saw positives in their daughter being prophesized to be beautiful and, in their reading, have a rich husband. They never thought that maybe this could be a bad thing, a very bad thing. See the way the -((Continued Next Page))-

The End

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