An Inconvenient Prophesy

he have just relaxed and reveled in the last few seconds of life left to him? Noooo, he had to go and ruin, her, life, completely!

Perhaps it is time to explain just what it was exactly he said. After hearing it so many time she could recite it word for word. In the 5th year of Ash, month of Dragon, in the region of Giants, shall be born a girl of great beauty. Raven black hair and eyes of gold she shall be a jewel in the eyes of others. Her destiny is to belong to the most powerful person in this world! Yup. That was it. A completely stupid prophesy. Problem was that it seemed to already be coming true. Land of Giants was an old name for the region around her hometown, called such because of the huge red wood forests causing early settlers from the Yavir Empire to think that Giants lived there and everything was bigger. Or at least that was the tall tales they'd tell when they wrote back home. Everything else as she could tell you having spent most of her 16 years in that place was completely normal sized.

As for the date, that was a way of date marking popular in Instarine where the geezer had been from. It had a cycle of tree names it would call the year, there were 12 of them, and then 12 animals in each year for a month. It made talking about anything older than 12 years in Instarine confusing in her opinion. She much preferred the Yavirrinan method with numbers for the years, months, days, hours. Instarines got too carried away with naming things. Anyway, he made the prophesy in year Elm, the first year of Ash after that would be the next -((Continued Next Page))-

The End

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