An Inconvenient Prophesy

In the 5th year of Ash, month of Dragon, in the region of Giants, shall be born a girl of great beauty. Raven black hair and eyes of gold she shall be a jewel in the eyes of others. Her destiny is to belong to the most powerful person in this world!
So reads the prophesy which has turned a young girl's life into a giant target as she is chased by every person with delusions of grandeur in the planet! She though is determined to make her own way!

((I've gotten a lot of comments in the past and currently whenever I use Protagonize about my entrys being too long. This is because I post them by the chapter, not the page. But since it is a repeated problem I'm now going to switch to a new page every 300 words exactly, even if that is mid sentence.))

So there was this crazy moronic old geezer who was completely crazy, and yes the repetition of crazy was intentional to express just how off his rocker this horrid little man was, that was some big shot prophet. If you could put any stock into those things. Ridiculous really, someone telling you what was going to happen years into the future after they would be dead and buried. Oh sure all fun and games since after all they wouldn't be alive to see if it really happened or not, and even if they were wrong it wouldn't matter since they were already gone! Lousy incompetent idiots. Annnyway, long opinionated story short, old 'prophet' has a crazy deathbed vision, no literally spat this out with his last breathes, and those present at the scene went and blabbed about it to everyone who blabbed about it to everyone they knew, and on and on till now 50 years later pretty much everyone in the world that didn't live under a rock and probably some people who did live under rocks, knew about the stupid prophesy.

At this point you may be thinking, this doesn't feel much like an unbiased report of previous events. Well too bad. Bias, bias everywhere. And she deserved to be biased because this stupid prophesy had completely ruined her entire life! Did her ancestors kill that geezer's cat or something so he was taking it out on her? That was the only explanation she could think of for why he had to go make that dumb prophesy that kept getting her into all this trouble. I mean, even if maaaybe he really was a prophet who could predict the future he didn't have to say it out loud for people to hear! It was his dying breath, couldn't -((Continued next page))-

The End

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