Truth Revealed

'Why do you spend so much time with me?' I cautiously asked one day.

It was the start of summer now, and it was getting a lot warmer - I no longer wore my big coat, and the trees were starting to become leafier. The park we were sat in radiated a beautiful natural glow, and I thought that this was the perfect place to ask Sarah the questions I had been meaning to...

'What do you mean?' she asked me.

'I know that you feel you owe me for saving you, but... I feel you've done enough. Is there another reason you're sticking with me?'

'...Not this again...' she moaned.

'No! That's not what I mean at all! I'm not trying to talk you out of this! I just wanted to know if... Maybe if you liked me?'

She paused, confused. 'Of course I like you. You're a friend, and I'm helping you for that reason.'

'No. Do you... Do you like me in a kind of... In a kind of 'he could be my boyfriend' kind of way?' I didn't quite know how else to put it, but I thought she understood what I meant.

'I, uh... Oh God, you know what, I should go...'

My heart sunk as I realised what an idiot I'd been. Of course she didn't like like me. I'm a stupid hobo.

'Wait, please!' I got up and grabbed her arm. Shocked, she spun around, and as she did, the contents of her backpack spilled out and onto the damp grass.

I looked at them, apologising. An apple, some sandwiches, a pad and pen... I picked them up one by one and put them back into her bag, but as I picked up the pad, something about it caught my eye.

My name was written several times on it. I read the first paragraph quickly.

Patrick seems to have left home due to difficulties with his family - apparently the relationship he and his parents shared was good to begin with, but got rough towards the end of his stay. He left by train and travelled here, where he now sleeps in an alley every night.

I didn't quite know what to say. I was so confused. This didn't seem like a diary or anything like that. It seemed like she was writing about me. Straightening up, with the pad in my hand, looking her in the eyes, I questioned her.

'What the hell is this?'

The End

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