Questions and Answers

Over the next few days, I felt the need to make it up to Sarah. We talked for hours on end, and I often turned down her food offerings, much to her dissapointment. As hungry as I was, I could always find nourishment in my own ways.

I told her about other parts of my past, and explained how and why I left home. She seemed really interested, and so I told her most of the things I thought she'd want to hear, and then she asked me several questions, and so I answered them too.

She opened up to me too - telling me about her family, her mum, her dad, brother, sister. It made me feel at ease, and seeing as we evidently both had an interest in each other, I felt that I could tell her things I wouldn't normally share with people.

I talked about how thinking about my mum and dad made me feel, and how I wished I could go home, but at the same time, I don't want to return to a broken household.

She gave me advice, and told me that she admired my courage, and this made me feel a lot better about the choices I'd made over the last year.

The whole upsetting incident seemed to be behind her, which was good, because it was brilliant to have a friend to talk to.

I'd never felt to close to anybody, well, not since my parents had started being neglegent. I thought that our friendship could grow into something more, and it was a feeling that gave me a warm glow in the pit of my otherwise empty stomach.

I started looking at her totally differently. She was not only the one person I could reall trust and open up to, but she was also a shoulder to cry on, and... She was really attractive. I hadn't really given it much thought before, because I hadn't expected this kind of relationship, but... Did I stand a chance?

I tried to put those thoughts to the back of my mind, but it was hard. I figured it was unlikely that she liked me that way, but... But if she didn't like me... Like that... Why would she spend so much time taking care of me?

After several days of these thoughts, I decided that I wanted to know how she felt, and although I was pretty sure that neither of us could act on it, I wanted to know if she liked me.

The End

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