The girl introduced herself as Sarah, and I introduced myself in return.

'So, let's start with the obvious... Why did you save me?' Sarah asked me, smiling and still holding on to my hand.

Was this a trick question? Wasn't saving her the right thing to do? Why had I saved her? I asked myself these questions several times in my head, only to get confused. I guess... It was the right thing to do, so that's what I told her.

'Well, that guy was chasing you with a knife, and I couldn't let him hurt you. And also he woke me up.' I smiled at my own little joke.

'...He woke you up? What do you mean?'

It hit me like a punch as I realised that Sarah was oblivious to my... Current living situation. She had no idea I was homeless.

This wasn't something I was used to having to tell her - this was the first decent conversation I'd been a part of in a year. But how would she take it? Would she-

'You're homeless?' she asked.

Not quite knowing what to say, I just looked down and nodded. I don't know why I felt bad - maybe it's because I felt I should have told her earlier. However, my original predictions had been wrong, and instead of crumbling and weeping, she instead wrapped her arms around me once again.

'What are you doing?' I asked, bewildered.

In the silence, I smelt her hair. It smelt... Wonderful. Words could not describe it. Clean, fresh, like a field of flowers. I shook myself slightly as I came to my senses. I'm a man! I don't care about her shampoo. Back to the point, I told myself.

Sarah was still holding me tight, and neither of us had spoken in a while, so I asked again, seeing as she had ignored my previous attempt to question her.

'Why are you hugging me?'

She giggled, then let go of the embrace. However, still holding on to my shoulders, she looked me in the eyes and smiled.

'I'm going to help you, okay?'

The End

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