The Slammer

I had been to a police cell once before - not because of my own tainted background - but because me and my mother needed to go and collect my dad after a night out on the booze bender.

Oh, great - here come all the negative memories.

As the police officer led me down the hall past all the other cells - most of which were uninhabited - I started to feel quite sick. For one thing, I was normally a fairly well-behaved young man. I rarely got into trouble at school or home, but now... It made me nervous to think that I was being taken to a police station cell, and that was without all the nervousness about being falsely accused of assault.

As I got aquainted to my new bedroom - after all, it was a lot better than living on the streets - I sighed and thought that maybe prison would be the easier road. Free meals, warm(er) bed, all that stuff. I'd be safer. Wouldn't I?

My dreary thoughts were interupted when an officer came to the door.

'Come on, you're getting out of here.'

He opened the door, and I sighed as my picture of an easier life flew out the window.

'The man you attacked isn't going to press charges. And it seems you have a visitor.'

He led me out, and as I got to the main reception area, I smiled slightly as I recognised once again the face that awaited me.

The girl I had saved got up and, without warning, hugged me tightly. I was surprised because I both smelt pretty awful, and because this was the first hug I'd had in around a year.

She silently led me out of the station and, holding my hand, sat me on a bench just outside.

She seemed to have some questions for me, and I for her.

The End

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