Homeless Hero

I was woken up in the morning by shouts and cursing, and I looked over to the town clock, to see that it was just after 10am. I had overslept, and probably missed my chance for breakfast.

I must have got around 15 hours sleep last night - the most since I left home. Odd, maybe it was because I had alot to think about, and... I don't know, does that help you sleep?

The shouts that rudely woke me seemed to be getting closer, and I saw a girl, maybe only a little older than myself run by, looking over her shoulder. I looked over to where her eyes were leading, only to see a much older man, dressed all in black, and carrying what seemed to be a knife. He was obviously chasing after the girl, and my instincrt kicked in, and as the attacker darted passed me, I dived out from under my blanket, gripping onto his legs and causing him to fall to the ground.

Punching him once in the face, I grabbed at his arm to take the knife off him, but in doing so, his knee came up and connected hard with my stomach, winding me.

Although I wanted to just curl up in a ball and cry out in pain, I knew I couldn't, because I didn't want to give the man a chance to stab me.

The attacker got to his feet, and looking down at me, pointed the knife in my direction. Looking up at the sinister silhouette, I acted quickly, and brought my right leg around, kicking him hard in the shins. The man yelped out in pain, and I took this opportunity to snatch the knife off him, push him against the wall and take off the attacker's mask to look him in the eyes.

From there, I wasn't quite sure what to do, but luckily, I was saved by two police officers running around the corner. They shouted, and I immediately thought I was safe, but they must have seen me with the knife, and being homeless, well... People are quick to point the finger.

One tackled me to the ground and the other took the knife off me. The real attacker had begun weeping, and as the officer who now had the knife reassured him, the other officer got me to my feet.

'No, no! This isn't how it looks! He was chasing a girl, then I tried to stop him, and-'

'Save it! You're coming with us to tha station, and you'll be damn lucky if you're not in court within the next few days!'

Fantastic. I try to lend a helping hand, but this is how it all turns out.

I looked up and down the alley as a small crowd assembled to see what was going on. I was handcuffed, and as I was led through the nosey crowd, I recognised the face of the girl who was being chased. Obviously she wasn't going to speak up for me.

I can see my help is always appreciated.

The End

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