Living on the streets, meals were often hard to come by, and so, packing up my blanket into my small rucksack, I went over the plan of action in my head - the same plan of action I used every time I wanted food. As well-thought-out as this plan was, however, the success rate was below 20%. More often than not I'd get a few scraps - bits and pieces left on people's plates, but it almost never added up to a full meal.

After I had packed my bag, I hung it from the tree that was just to the left of my sleeping spot, out of harms way until I came back. It'd be easier to run away if I had a lighter load.

Walking around the corner into the high street, I saw that although the time was only 8:43am (give or take a few minutes - the town hall clock is always wrong) there were people on the streets already.

Mostly local teenagers - the majority around my age - and probably heading off to school. If only I could go with them. If only I recognised any of them. But this wasn't a town I knew - I had moved away from my hometown in the hope of never running into anybody I knew again. I needed to escape the tragic elements of my past, and that was what this town was doing for me. But just to know a teenager or two... Just to have a friend to help me out of a tight spot once in a while... I'd give almost anything.

Swimming against the current of teenagers, most of whom turned their noses up at me - maybe they have a 'hobo-radar' or something - I eventually stepped to the right and into the local supermarket. The same one which had another entrance by my alley. That, however, was a staff entrance, and was out of bounds. I didn't want to draw any more attention to myself.

I had a rotor of which supermarkets I'd go to. I could only use the ones with cafes in them, and after I'd tried all those out, I'd hit the actual cafes. But cafes are harder to do - less people, more focus on myself.

Sitting down at a table with leftover food already on it, I glanced around for anybody who would spot me and kick me out, and saw nobody. I tucked in without hesitation.

Great. Toast, eggs and a little bacon. This person obviously hadn't been very hungry.

It was nice to have a little 'homeless anniversary breakfast'.

The End

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