The Alley

Every morning for the last year, I'd woken up in the same alley, with the same look on my face. A look of discontent. Even after 365 mornings of the same feeling of hunger groaning in my stomach, I still found it hard to accept that it was me that was living like this.

A year ago I was just a normal guy - happy in school, loads of good friends, all the typical teenager necessities.

But it all changed pretty quickly.

Taking my mind off my horrible predicament, I got up and walked off the aches in my muscles - sleeping on solid concrete wasn't very good for one's posture. I'd sleep on grass, but this time of year it gets very moist in the early hours.

It was early springtime, and although the weather was improving, it was still extremely cold - too cold to be living on the streets. And still there were so many people that did it regardless. We wake up every morning with a bunged up nose, cold and often numb feet and hands, dirty and unhappy.

But this was our choice, and often, it's a better life than the one we may have had before.

The End

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