streets of south london(rewrite)Mature

streets of south london
"Paved with gold!?paved with chewing gum and dog crap,more like".Jamie was used to walking the dimly lit,dirty,unwelcoming streets of south london.People sleeping in shop doorways,the constant wail of police sirens in the night.Children killing eachother in the schools and on the streets.He was used to it but it didnt mean he liked it.    
  What could he do though.He was just one man.Jamie took the key from his pocket and slid it in the lock on the door of his one bedroom coucil flat on the thirteenth floor of this huge,grey tower block that to him,was no more than a place to sleep.He would wake at six o clock every morning.shower,make toast and coffee for breakfast then leave for work.He was a telesales person for double glazing company.He had had a few jobs in his time but this was by far the most mindnumbingly boring.All day long he called "potential customers" only to be met with the sound of a phone being slammed down on him.Some even thought it funny to let him read through the whole of his script before hurling some insult at him and hanging up.He had to quit,and he had to do it soon otherwise he would go mad.He didnt know how many more days he could take,just waiting for 5:30 to come round so he could be free again. By 6pm he would be in a quiet corner of his favorite pub with a pint of beer and a book.There he would stay untill closing time,taking not the slightest bit of notice of the people around him.On the way home he would get whatever takeaway took his fancy that night. tonight,the pizza palace would be the lucky reciepient of his hard earned cash.
  Jamie shut the door behind him and pulled the chain across.There was some mail on the floor.He ignored it."More bills probably".He went into the front room,all wooden floors and magnolia walls.He sat down on his cream leather sofa.he had considered getting a cat so the sofa wasnt so cold when he got home,but he didnt think a 13th floor flat was the ideal place for any animal.Except maybe rats.He opened the pizza box,tore off the biggest slice and took a hungry bite.Within ten minutes the pizza was gone,He gulped down his can of coke and switched on the television.It was past twelve now and there wasnt much to watch, just the usual mix of shopping channels and chatline adverts.Sky news was showing yet another report about a 15 year old boy who was beaten and stabbed on his way to see his girlfriend.The police were putting it down to a feud with another member of a rival gang.As the pictures rolled across the screen to show the scene of the crime jamies heart skipped a beat.He realised with horror that it was in the street he had grown up in,not two miles from where he was living now,The street in which his dear old mum still lived.He instinctivly picked up the phone to call and make sure she was ok but remembering the time,thought better of it and decided to call her in the morning.
After he had switched off the television he walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water to take to bed.On the freezer he noticed the note that he had written to himself reminding him that saturday was his nephews birthday and to get him a present."What the hell do you buy a 5 year old boy these days anyway".He opened the cuboard and took twenty quid from the jar marked "Holiday Fund" and stuck it inside the card he had already bought and left it on the side for tomorrow.jamie grabbed his water,switched off the lights and headed for the bedroom.This was his favorite place in the whole world.It was kitted out like a single mans bedsit,with mini freezer full of beer and his tv and playstation in the corner.he had a double bed with with a brown suede headboard and crisp,fresh covers and pillows.As he slid into bed it occured to him that this was probably the best feeling in the world,Its strange how the mind works but when he was under those covers he felt safe,like nobody could hurt him.If he was honest with himsef,he was probably a little affraid of the dark.He lay there for what seemed like hours .He started thinking about Nicole,she lived just across the hall and was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.They were friends and she always had a smile for him when they met.He never dared tell her his true feelings though.Nicole was forever lecturing jamie on his "unhealthy lifestyle"and had tried to encourage him to join the judo class she attended every week.Definatly not his idea of fun and so he politely declined each invitation with an excuse about work or something.he gradually drifted into a dream world where reality gave way to fantasy and he could have nicole in every way he wanted.
  "What the fuck was that" Jamie sat bolt upright in bed,he thought that he'd heard the most terrifying,bloodcurdling scream imaginable.He sat silent for a minute.Nothing."Must have been a dream" but as the words left his lips there it was again.This was no dream.jamie looked at his alarm clock.The illuminated blue screen blinked 12:00 at him.he'd forgoten to reset it after accidently kicking the plug out of the wall in his rush to get to work this morning.He switched on the bedside lamp and reluctantly pulled back the covers and got out of bed.There it was again,the scream,this time accompnied by banging and crashing.suddenly  he realised that it was coming from across the hall. "please god no,not nicole".He ran out of his bedroom and through the livingroom to the frontdoor,fumbling with the chain in his desperate rush to get out."Nicole" jamie shouted her name and banged as loud as he could on her door."NICOLE,WHATS GOING ON" It went quiet again."NICOLE FOR FUCK SAKE ANSWER ME"
He headed back to his flat to call the police,but, as he turned,Nicoles door flew open and a big,leather clad hand clamped tight across his mouth.Another hand grabbed his arm and pulled it up roughly behind his back.Then he felt a knee smash violently into the small of his back and he flopped down as he was dragged into the flat.There was another man in there.This bloke was about six foot and dressed from head to toe in black,all that was visible were the mans eyes and his wrists where jumper didnt quite meet glove.He could just make out a barbed wire tattoo around the wrist faded with time.While he was being held the man came rushing at him and a steel toecapped boot smashed into the side of his face.Jamie felt the teeth inside his mouth shatter but felt no pain as he spat a mouthfull of blood and bits of tooth to the floor.Then came the second blow,this time it was a fist that landed squarly on his nose.blood poured as the delicate bone crunched under the pressure of the powerful punch.All of a sudden,gut twisting pain enveloped the whole of his body and he fell face first to the now blood soaked carpet.Kicks rained down on his ribs and legs and just when jamie thought it couldnt get any worse,a big leather boot came crashing down on his arm.There was a sickening cracking noise and he blacked out.
When he came round again he was sitting upright on a wooden chair,his hands were tied behind him with what felt like a pair of tights.The first thing he felt was the unbelievable agony that screamed through his forearm and hand.he wasnt sure but he thought that the broken bone had pierced the skin.His face felt swollen and the sharp broken teeth were cutting into the inside of his cheek.He wasnt able to spit the blood out so it just dribbled down his chin.He could just about see through his swollen eyes,although he wished he couldnt because the sight that greeted him was something that even in his worst nightmares,he never imagined he would see.The tattooed man was on top of nicole trying to rip her clothes off of her.She was bucking and kicking in a  desperate effort to throw her attacker off.He was far to strong for her though and grabbed at her vest and tore it away.the attacker bit down hard on her right breast and she screamed out in pain.He slapped her hard across the face.Jamie wanted to jump up and get the man off but there was no chance.Even if he get get free of the chair his broken arm would render him worse than useless.He lowered his head and tried to block out her cries of pain and terror.Just as his chin touched his chest,a hand grabbed his hair and yanked his head sharply back up.A hand grabbed his chin and the pain surged through his face again.A balaclava'd face came close to hisand he could smell alchohol on the mans breath as he hissed "You're gona fucking watch this son"
He had no choice but to watch as the other man pulled nicoles shorts off.She was still struggling so he punched her hard in the face.that seemed to knock all the fight out of her so he unzipped himself and thrust himself forcefully into her.Nicole just lay there like a rag doll and her eyes glazed over as if she were removing her consious self from the horrific ordeal that she was being subjected to.He carried on thrusting and panting untill a few minutes later he was satisfied.he got off and did himself back up.
jamies head dropped sharply to his chest as the mans grip loosened on his hair.he felt a huge surge of relief that it was finally over and he could struggle free and help nicole.His relief was short lived as tattoo man grabbed his hair and pulled his head back up again.He groweled into jamies ear "Its his turn now and if your really lucky we might let you have a go aswell.dont tell me you've never thought about it" With that jamie turned his head so that he was eye to eye with his captor and with all his might he tried to spit in his face.All that he could manage though was a pathetic bubbling dribble.The man pushed the chair over and jamie landed painfully on his side.A boot smashed into the back of his head and everything went black.

The End

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