Feeling safe and warm the boy snuggles deeper into is duvet.

He could hear the traffic going past his bedroom window, street lights shining through the small gap in his curtains lighting up his tiny bedroom in the small flat above the shop...he took a deep breath and closed his little eyes tight fighting to get to sleep.

He was too excited about the following day, since his dad left Jamie and his mum struggled to get by but tomorrow they left for thier first holiday they werent going anywhere exotic but he was 6 years old he just wanted a holiday, to go somewhere different. Where he lived was boring to him the 7 days in devon would be new and exciting but little did he know his excitement was going to be turned into fear and heartache.

He isn't quite sure what woke him  he got up to investigate, a decision that he will regret as it will haunt him for the rest of his life!

He opened his bedroom door no more than a few inches and peeked out the cack, he saw a tall dark figure walk past. it obviously wasnt his mum even his young eyes could tell this was a man, a man he didn't know.

He stood there for a few seconds then walked out of his bedroom. He knew he should be sleeping but he was curious he wanted to know who this man was and what he was doing in his home.

He walked in to the front room looking for his mum when he heard her talking, her voice was getting closer as she walked down the hall he ran and hid in the gap next to the couch, he didn't want to get into trouble so that is were he stayed, little did he know it would be the place he stayed until daybreak!

Jamie watched as his mum and the man walked into the the room it seemed like they were fighting in a hushed tone obviously they thought he was still in bed sleeping. He heard his mum say something altough he was not sure all he could make out was the word "Jacob", "that must be his name" jamie thought to himself.

The next few minutes seemed like an eternity for Jamie as he watched his mum and jacob fight. All he saw was his mum fall to the ground then the light caught someting in Jacobs hand. Jamie knew what it was, his small body trembled as he realised what was happening!

He shuffled back as far as he could into the corner and covered his ears his little heart was racing but he could still hear his mothers screams as Jacob thrust the knife in over again, then after what seemed like forever there was silence. He got the courage to look just in case his mum was ok but all he saw was her body, limp and lifeless. Jacob standing over her! Jamie looked up, is eyes met the strange mans. As the moonlight shone through the window onto jacobs face he threw his hood over his head and with one last evil stare he turned and calmly walked out!

The End

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