Jamie slipped in to his unconscious world. Darkness all around, street light flashing on and off, shadows in the corners. Jamie sweats perfuse as his heart races faster than he has ever felt before, as fear engulfs him. Confused and fearful he slowly moves towards the bleakly visible parade of shops in the distance, constantly looking around and over his shoulder. He hears the faint sound of bass music in the back ground as his pace gets faster He hears footsteps, and looks to the side to see a dark man walking a few meters away.


Jamie's feet rise above the floor as he jumps to the scary crashes coming from near by. his heart races even harder and faster, he feels like it is about to rip through is chest. Breathing heavier, deeper as the need for more air tightens his lungs. he looks all around, fearful of what is out their.

All of a sudden his fears become a reality, a large gloved hand grabs him around the mouth to silence him, while a cold sharp blade digs in to his neck, he feels the pressure so hard, the slightest movement will cut him. He stands still and silent hoping he will come out of this alive. the deep voice just tells him,


as he slowly gets pulled to black into the damp ally way, he sees nothing, he feels sick, the smell off urine it so strong he wants to heave, quiet scurrying of vermin around him, as his stomach churns within fear.

The pain runs through his back as he is smashed against the smelly dank wall of the alleyway, the knife still pressed into his throat, he comes face to face with his enemy for the first time. All he sees is anger in the eyes of a dark hooded figure, anger that could only be held by a deeply hurt and broken soul. With his free hand the man pulls down his hood to reveal his scared face,


Jamie frightfully exclaims.

Jamie bolts upright, breathless and sweaty, as he awakes this nightmare that comes so often. He staggers towards the sink and grabs a dirty glass from the side and fills it with misty water from the tap, emptying the glass in to his mouth to relieves the thirst he reminds himself it is only a dream.

Jacob often comes to him in his dreams and turns them into nightmares, but this time it was worst, he can no longer cope with it, he crashed to the ground, with his face in his hands he begins to sob and shake uncontrollable. He is suddenly 6 again, and a scared little boy hiding in the corner, while he watches the revolting heart breaking crime any young child could see.

The End

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