streets of south london

"paved with gold!?paved with chewing gum and dog crap,more like".jamie was used to walking the dimly lit,dirty,unwelcoming streets of south london.people sleeping in shop doorways,the constant wail of police sirens in the night.children killing eachother in the schools and on the streets.he was used to it but it didnt mean he liked it.

what could he do though.he was just one man.he took his key from his pocket and slid it in the lock on the door of his 1 bedroom coucil flat on the 13th floor of this huge grey tower block that to him,was no more than a place to sleep.he would wake six o clock every morning,shower,make toast and coffee for breakfast then leave for 6pm he would be in a quiet corner of his favorite pub with a pint of beer and a book.there he would stay untill closing time.on the way home he would get whatever takeaway took his fancey that night.

he shut the door behind him and pulled the chain across.there was some mail on the floor.he ignored it,"more bills probably".he went into the front room.all wooden floors and magnolia walls.he sat down on his cream leather sofa.he considered getting a cat so the sofa wasnt so cold when he got home but he didnt think a 13th floor flat was the ideal place for any animal,except maybe rats.



The End

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