Devyn goes up and greets the man as he knows him wellMature

"I thought you had left this beggar's palace for good," proclaimed Devyn approaching him from behind.

"I have things to finish here, I can't leave with those I've hurt still hurting." He turned round to catch Devyn throwing a note at the barman who had just set two drinks infront of the two of them. "See that guy over there, sat staring into the bottom of his glass." Devyn nodded. "His child is growing up without a mother, because two years ago, in the back of her car, I took her from him. He needs to free himself of the angelic images he associates with that excuse hungry harlot."

"I see, and you're going to be party to just that." He left Devyn's company and walked up to the glass clutching mope sat alone at a table" Devyn watched from the bar as the temporary messiah whispered something into his ear.

Without a blink being exchanged the din of the establishment was replaced with that empty glass smashing across his face. He was bought another drink which he continued to stare into.

Back at the bar Devyn watched his friend return slowly with a smile on his face. He picked up his drink and made a toast.

"That's another one off the list"

The End

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