Streets of sinMature

Devyn swung his feet out of bed and on to the icy tiled floor. The chill ran right up and saint a sharp pain to his head. Fighting it off he stood up and stumbled to the bathroom. The bright light did nothing to help his headache.

He grabbed a bottle of pills and shoved a few down his throat. Pulling on his worn jeans a blck t-shirt he headed for the door, grabbing his leather coat on the way out.

The night life was just starting to come out. Devyn was not the sort of guy to socialise during the day, in fact he wasn't the sort to socialise full stop. pull his jacket tight around him he walked down the already bustling street.

Around him hookers stood trying to get the men to pay them for some fun times. Young foolish teens stumbled about already drunk on various alcholic concotions. Devyn didn't have much time for people, being 236 years old can do that to you. The people he saw now were a shadow of what humanity used to be. 

the Pannet Club was on the right, Devyn new the place well. He spent most of nights there and new the place and people well.  

He ordered a Sailor Jerry's and coke and sat at the back of the bar. Watching the familiar faces milling about he suddenly noticed someone who was out of the ordinary lingering in the crowd.

Watching him for a bit he realised that the guy wasn't dressed like your ordinary socialite. He had on a tight white shirt and waistcoat with tigh fitted jeans. To top it off he was wearing a tall black top hat.

Devyn threw the last of his drink down his trhoat and approached the man.

The End

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