Beneath the water

         The water swirled around me as I dove into the cold, raging water. The current pulled on me from all sides. I tossed and turned in the water, confused. I thought I'd die in the water for this long but my neck and lungs held on tight. Suddenly a shining light caught my eye. It seemed to be a shipwreck of some sort, maybe a U-boat. I swam towards it but the water seemed thicker and harder to swim through.

       The closer I swam to it, the harder it was to breath. With all my might I plunged towards the thing. It was a metal rimmed book of some sort. It seemed to urge me to near it and feel its old, hard pages.

     I grabbed the book but suddenly it was surrounded by a ghostly white fire. The fire seared the palm of my hand as I clung onto the old book. I opened my mouth to scream but water gushed in and I was pulled back into my un-forgetful dream...

The End

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