The canals of Venice

I am a homeless street boy with a life thats a mystery.First my parents found dead then my guardian:dead.I travel around the mortal world and the world of the dead to find find something that doesn't exist.
But it all adds up now. . .

     The cold winter breeze brushed my hair back as I lay down on the ground with nothing to protect from the cold except a small,thin blanket.I gripped onto a coin that was about the size of a quarter, it was the last thing they gave to me.My heavy eye lids constantly closed shut but I forcefully opened them for i refused to sleep. Every my eyes closed shut I had flash-back of my parents' cold,pale,bleeding bodies on the floor of their bedroom.

    I used to be rich but now I'm on the floor infront of a convinience store in Venice.For that reason I felt some sort of resentment to them.I new it was unfair but I couldn't help it.I hated the way people just stare at you and be disgusted by you just because your homeless. I wondered what sort of life I would have if my parents hadn't died.Why,I Thought, why,then I dozed off to sleep.

   The dream felt so amazingly real, as if I had been re- living the terrible moment of my life, but this time I saw something different. In the hallway at the door of my parents' room I saw a man, a peculiar man because he wore a TRENCH COAT in a hot July day early in the morning.

"hi," he said looking right at me "I know your there."

"this will be hard to explain but WAKE UP and when you do, jump in the river."

    I wonder how he saw me for all I knew, it was dream. But how in the world could I possibly wake up.But I had no choice because I felt a super-natural force tearing me apart with cold hard hands. Suddenly I was awake on the railing of a canal. I wondered why I'd trust him but he spoke to me with such gentleness that he felt like along lost friend.

Before I knew it I was already falling to the cold blue water... 

The End

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