Street Wise

This is a story of a girl who experienced many challenges growing up on the streets of East Los Angeles; however with pure determination and resiliency she navigated her way out of these obstacles and into the hands of success.

      "One..two..three...I will awaken from this dream.Dream! I should call it a nightmare!" Delilah sighs.  She looks outside the large window of the two- story housing project she lives in. "Is it safe to go outside now?" she asks herself.  "I guess I better take something for protection."  She grabs her backpack from the corner table  and places a screwdriver  in it. "This should do it." As she digs in her backpack, she finds an unfinished poem that she had written weeks ago:

                                                         Beyond the Horizon

                                                          I can see clearly,

                                                          I don't belong here,

                                                         What will I become?

                                                          It's all I know.

                                                         Where will I go?

Delilah crumbles the poem into the side pocket of her pants. "I'll finish this on the bus....that is if I make it there." She places all her books in the backpack and makes sure that the screwdriver is on top. She urgently runs down the stairs of the apartment and slams the door behind her.




The End

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