Episode 2: Angel Dust, page 10Mature

A heavy silence fell as everyone was confused by the incident. The kids, their parents, the teachers, everyone was following with anxiety the captain of their football team as she leaped up in the air and was about to score a spectacular point, when all of a sudden, the black figure of a man dressed in a biker outfit popped up out of nowhere, rushed on the court, and jumped to headbutt the ball out of the girl's hands. This was all so sudden, so unexpected, it kept everyone silent, their brains still unable to process what was going on. Only those who were in a position to follow the ball noticed that the vigilante had shot the ball into the narrow passage to the bathroom to knock down a shady man dressed like a Mexican gangster who was threatening one Ryan Palmer. Freed unexpectedly, Ryan fled at once, and the second gangster, the one who was holding a knife, turned to the vigilante with stone cold killer eyes. He ran to the court for the attack.

“Run!” the biker roared at Sally as he shoved her away from the danger. The gangster attacked with large circular slashes of his blade, which the vigilante dodged with grace, but the man was fast and each slash was tighter than the previous one. All around them chaos had erupted as people understood the danger of the situation. The players were fleeing the court screaming, running back to their parents or their coaches, while in the bleachers, some were literally climbing on each others backs trying to make it to the exit, while a few at the back were sitting still, paralyzed and fascinated by the action taking place before their eyes.

And in the middle of this wailing mayhem, Sally was standing, her mouth agap, unable to take her eyes off the vigilante as he fought the shaven man. After dodging another slash, this one so close it almost hit his arm, the biker went for the attack with a gut punch, which the man blocked with his other arm. The vigilante threw a jab with his other fist, and the man was put off balance for a very short while, but he quickly recovered and stabbed straight forward. This time the man in black managed to grab his opponent's arm in action and with an elbow to the wrist, he made him drop his weapon, and followed in his momentum by a reverse punch. He thought he had managed to knock him out for good, but the gangster was a tough man, and recovering quickly, he kicked the vigilante's leg, the tip of his boot thrusting painfully into his opponent's thigh. The biker groaned and put a knee down, and the gangster hit him in the head with a frightfully strong kick that sent him rolling away.

Luckily his helmet provided enough protection and he stood back up quickly, raising his guard. The man came at him again and he jabbed him. The gangster then tried for a body attack and the vigilante took a step back to avoid it. His opponent had made a mistake! In an effort to hit as strongly as he could, he had lunged too far and his feet were too wide apart. Exploiting this chance, the vigilante swept the foot nearest to him to destabilize his opponent, and dashed in his open guard to deliver a strong punch to his groin. The gangster yelped, and as the pain paralyzed him, the biker followed with an uppercut to the throat to keep him from recovering, and as he was now very close to his face, he grabbed him by the collar and smashed his helmet on his nose, and again, and again, and again, until he finally released a wreck of a man who fell on his back, moaning, his shirt soaked in his own blood.

Sally saw all of this and she smiled unwittingly, impressed and relieved. She was about to cheer but at that moment, the sound of a gunshot resounded in the gym, and the vigilante collapsed. She felt like her body was being drained from the inside, and in utmost terror, she screamed, but soon a large hand came over her mouth to muffle her wailing and she felt herself being pulled against the chest of a man, and she felt the steel of a gun barrel against her temple. It was the second gangster, and she realized she had just been taken hostage. Her terror was so intense she felt as if her heart was going to explode, and her vision began to blur and she couldn't hear anything anymore.

“Leo!” the gangster shouted at his bloody friend. “Get over here, we're running off!”

Still groggy from the fight, the man managed to stand up and the two ran off through the narrow passage with their hostage.

The End

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