Episode 2: Angel Dust, page 1Mature

Episode 2: Angel Dust

“Hey guys! Wanna buy some happiness?”

Ryan smiled warmly at the group of young men, trying to look good and confident, but the men just walked past him without even a glance. Not consumers. Too bad. The boy kept his cool, trying to persuade himself that this was not important, after all he knew his business, even if he was only sixteen, and only a few of those he approached would buy his stuff. It was normal. Even though business had been stalling for a while, and he was getting behind schedule. Some said the Batman guy had a chilling effect on business. Whether this was true or not, Ryan didn't really care, his only concern now was that his suppliers liked to be paid on time.

“Mister Ryan! How is business going?”

He startled at the sound of this deep voice with a Mexican accent, and he turned around, nervous, to face two tall men with shaven heads, whose tattoos and snakeskin boots contrasted starkly with their neat gray suits. His suppliers.

“Oh, hi guys!” he stammered. “Err, yeah, business is like, okay, you know. Everything's rollin'.”

One of the men smiled. A smile that was cold as ice. “I sure hope so, chico. Remember your payment is due in three days, and Mr Jones likes... prompt payments. Good luck.”

The men walked away, and another person approached the boy, a blond girl. “Hey Ryan,” Danielle Cassidy greeted him. “Who the fuck were these guys? Look like Breaking Bad extras.”

“Oh, that's nothing, Cass, don't worry.”

“I'm not worrying about you!” she snickered. “But where will I buy my cigarettes if you run into trouble? By the way, you got them?”

“Yup.” And he produced five packs of Dunhills from his bag. Cass traded them for a handful of bills. “You know,” he said, “you must be my only customer who comes for cigarettes.”

“You wouldn't believe how hard it gets to buy them normally,” she said as she lit one. “Everyone's asking for your ID, it's crazy!”

“And you don't go for the cheapest brand either.”

“My business is going on pretty well these days.”

“Beating their lunch money out of the rich kids, you call that a business?”

“Ryan, remember I tolerate you because you supply me in smokes, you don't judge my ways and I won”t judge yours. By the way, what are you selling these days? Weed? Coke?”

“Nope, moved on to something more, like, lucrative you know.”


“No, but you know, I don't really want others from school to know too much about it. Like you said, better not get into each others' business.”

“As you wish, Ryan. Well, see you in class then. That is, if you don't skip again.”

“Cass, I think you skip at least as much as I do!”

She chuckled. “Good point. See ya later, Ryan.”

The End

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