Episode 1: Genesis, page 7Mature

“Sal, what happened to you?”

 The girl looked up, and through her tears, she distinguished her friends Mina, Christie, and Billy Brewster. “I was racketeered,” she confessed with embarrassment.

 “Oh my God, it's horrible! By whom?”


 “What is wrong with that girl!” Christie roared out. “Somehow, someone must make her pay for what she's doing! She's making everyone miserable! Sal, you gonna be okay? Come on, let's take the bus.”

 The girls helped their friend up, and at that moment they saw Billy, whom Sally introduced to them as her new friend. She asked him if he was taking the bus too, and since he did, she offered him to tag along. They tried to cheer Sally up on the way, but to no avail. Christie reached her stop, then it was Mina, and eventually the two of them were left alone in the bus.

 “How's your arm?” Billy asked.

 “My arm? Oh, gonna be alright, I guess,” she replied gloomily. She sighed. “Sorry if I'm not good company... it's really been the worst two days of my life. First, I get humiliated by that dumbass Tommy, and then I get racketeered by that bitch... oh I wish someone kicked their asses...”

 “Someone like the Arrow?”

She sniggered. “If only there was someone the Arrow.”

 “So... what happened with Tommy? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to... you know...”

“No, it's okay... I think I need to spill it out, you know... well, I've known Tommy since middle school, and he was already a football star then. All the girls wanted to date him, and... well, I had a crush on him too, you know. This summer, he threw a party at his house, to celebrate entering high school. His parents were away, they trusted him a bit too much and he could do almost anything he wanted. I don't know how he got all the beer, but well, everyone was getting a bit drunk, and Tommy came and talked to me, and the next thing I knew, I was alone with him in his bedroom...”

 She fell silent. “And,” Billy asked hesitantly. “Did you, like...”

“No! Of course not! I... oh, God that's embarrassing! I didn't know if I wanted to... part of me did, I guess... but, well, I chickened out and went back downstairs. Thing is... Tommy told everyone that we really did it, and that's why...”

 “What a prick!"

 “Agreed. And of course, right in the middle of my campaign, there couldn't be a better moment!”

 “You know what, I'll vote for you.”

 She smiled. “Thanks... you're a nice guy, Billy. Oh, that's my stop! Where's yours?”

 “Oh, we passed it long ago... I just felt like you'd like some company on your way home. I'll just catch the next one.”

 “My, what a gentleman, I'm lucky! Well, bye Billy, and we can continue this discussion on superheroes on Facebook if you like.”

 "I sure will." He smiled. He had never been happier in his life.

The End

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